Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp #2 & Ultrasound :)

Well the weekend is gone & camp went really well! We had 6 younger girls & 3 teens come & each one of them was so precious, their faces are still stuck in my head :) Went riding on Friday & Saturday, but weren't able to on Sunday because of all the rain & mud. This camp was a little hard on some of the helpers because rodeo bible camp ended right before camp started so some of us were lacking sleep & patience... but we made it through & I'm hoping that next time we'll have more helpers available so a heavy workload doesn't fall on any one person. I edited a whole bunch of photos last night to prepare for the camp d.v.d. & there are so many cute memories captured!

This morning I had an ultrasound at McKennan to check up on my cervix (both of them..) & thankfully they're both the same size & they shouldn't have to see me for another 8 weeks! As of right now baby is breech but he still has some time to move around.... unfortunately the Dr. said that 'more than likely' I'll deliver by ceasarean, but there's a possibility to deliver naturally so... I'll keep praying :)

Oh yeah! We stayed in S.F. the night before manda's baby shower & I felt baby move for the first time (in the wee hours of the morning!) 6/6/10. Go figure, we were laying down to go to sleep 'at manda & jordon's in their nursery/guest room'.... which is where we stayed the night we found out we were pregnant! Steve was already asleep & I was just laying there & I felt movement on my left side, a little higher than I thought it would be... but it lasted for several seconds so I knew it wasn't just my tummy this time :D I told Steve about it later and tried to explain what it felt like & he said 'yeah you felt baby' :) hooray!! :D

AND it was our 2 year anniversary June 7, 2010 :D I love my man!!! Life just keeps getting better :)