Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Words U Don't Want To Hear

I guess my ultrasound tech has been trying to get ahold of me since my last appointment. We were there August 10 & I asked her if we needed to schedule another appnt.... (since they made it sound like they wanted to keep an eye on things) & she said no. She even asked why my Dr. wanted me to have this appnt. in the first place... we were thoroughly confused because that appointment had been scheduled at our last one where they measured my cervix.

I explained this to one of her nurses today after being told that I actuall DO need to come in for another ultrasound... What??? Her reasoning was 'oh she just forgot that you had that uterine anomoly'.... she FORGOT?!?!? Wow.... Lord help me... :P Oh well, at least my 32 weeks pic is cute!