Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have a toddler!!!

Every moment of Sarah's precious life has been such a blessing. She is 2 years & 3 months old now (been a couple years since I wrote on here apparently!) - She is SUCH a little snuggle-bug and we absolutely adore our times on the couch smooshed together to watch a movie whether it be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Diego, Wonder Pets, or even Tinkerbell... as long as she's in my arms I can deal with any array of cheezy cartoons.

Her picky eating habits are getting better as I've developed more of a schedule with when I offer meals, snacks, & drinks along with encouraging her to at least take a bite of something new... or at least lick it if she's that suspicious (lol)! She especially loves chocolate milk and her newest food fave is fettuccine alfredo tuna helper that we just had last night - she inhaled it!!!

Her physical developments have always been a bit behind other babies (I blame her height for her not walking until she was 18 months - it's hard to maneuver long legs!), but ahead verbally! She can count to I think 14 now with only 1 or 2 numbers skipped and will repeat each letter of the alphabet after us. You can pretty much assume anything you say in front of her is fair game for her to learn how to say... needless to say, we really watch our conversations in front of her (not that we swear a lot, but some things just don't sound right coming out of a toddler). Example: Sarah? ....Sarah?...... (Sarah says:) WHAT?! with a big cheezy grin :)

Steve and I are in a place of waiting on God's timing yet again... we're pretty sure we're going to have 1 more child naturally and think I'll be pregnant sometime soonish... but I can honestly say there's no hurry because we just love being the 3 of us right now - I want to enjoy these baby/toddler years with my princess and give her all the attention I can for as long as I can!

There has just been SO much over the past 2 years that I am incredibly thankful for. I'm continually in awe of how God makes us so unique with our own physical traits and personalities... watching Sarah bloom into the little lady God created her to be is so exciting! I'm glad for all the photos and videos I have of her and hope to compile them into something a bit more organized soon - it'd be terrible to lose them! 

An example of how precious Sarah is: Today I was sitting on the floor with my arms around my knees... not for any particular reason, but Sarah noticed and asked 'you. cooold. mommy?' and proceeded to put a blanket over my knees.... IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!?!? This girl is going to do incredible things with her life, just by being who she is - I love you Sarah!!!