Friday, February 12, 2010

Too Much Too Soon?? Naaaah! :)

So the past couple days I've been enjoying my time on babiesrus & registering (haha!). Hey now come on, a girls gotta know what her options are! lol. Anyways, I wanted you to see what I decided for the 'official' nursery theme :) ...and to my complete shock & joy, after showing this to Steve, he told me to buy what I wanted of the themed set....!!! SWEET!!! So now I have bedding, curtain, border, wall stickys, mobile, & a blankie on the way to begin my very early & exciting nesting phase :D Enjoy! (cuz I know I will!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nursery Plans

Maybe this pregnancy has something to do with my mom finding out I wanted a 'Noah's Ark' theme for the nursery when we had a baby someday... & gave us Noah's Ark prints for Christmas this past year! Then there's a pacifier that belongs to Krista that has been at our house for over a year I swear!... all these little symbolic baby things lingering in our home was bound to stir things up :)... Although obviously this miracle was completely God's handiwork, I just find the above humorous...! The more I look at nursery ideas I think the room will have a Noah's Ark/Jungle/Wild Animal theme :) I love animals :) & our kids certainly will as well if we have anything to do with it... Let's see.... 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses... they're doomed :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

Ok so technically it wasn't my 'birthing dr.' or anything, but i just had to hear from a medical person that i am, in fact, prego :).... I AM!!! & Due October 8, 2010

Alright baby here's the deal, mommy needs you to stay strong & grow to be healthy so you can come into the world & meet your parents who love you oh so much!!!

Not A Big Secret :D

I'm too excited to keep secrets so I'm just going to go ahead & post everything that's going on :)

Lets start with names:

I think we'll have a baby boy, in which case his name would be James Gavin Snyders :) Steve's middle name is James & he has always wanted to name a son that whereas I have loved the name Gavin for years & thought these 2 names sounded good together :)

We would be equally blessed at receiving a baby girl in which case her name would be Coranna Nevaeh Snyders. Coranna 1st of all because I had a dream after Steve and I were married of a little girl named Coranna calling me mommy & her baby brother was nearby. 2nd because it is like Corilee & Lana in one name :) 2 wierd names of mother & daughter creating an equally wierd, but unique baby name! Nevaeh comes from a baby girl I babysat at JoyHouse in downtown Denver, CO (a place for at-risk moms & their children/ywam outreach) & when spelled backward says 'Heaven'...& certainly babies come from Heaven!

God Is Still In The Miracle Business...

Every now & then an incredible thing happens...

What was once thought to be impossible becomes possible...

When placed in God's Loving Hands... :)