Friday, September 10, 2010

36 weeks!!! :D

Wow I am just so excited about how well baby has been doing! We had a little scare on Sept. 2nd when I had to be admitted to the hospital due to low fluid around the baby :( only 3.5 cm or something. I was on an IV all night and couln't eat or drink anything after midnight just in case we needed to do a cesarean... Steve was able to get off work early and be with me though so that made things much better :) I even got visitors! (Amanda, Jordon, & Ava - Grandma J. & Jeff - then mom & dad) it helped pass the time although I think some people were disappointed I got to go home the next day :)... oh well!

I've been on bedrest since then. I have to go to the Dr. & have ultrasounds twice a week & do non-stress testing twice a week. I guess its good we're nearing the end cuz that's a lot of driving! Only 1 week until we're considered FULL TERM!!! That's the most exciting part since we were told baby would probably be early, low birth-weight, etc... we know God answers prayers tho, He is so faithful : ) Preparing ourselves for baby - the baby room is definitely NOT done yet, but Steve finished the cradle & we made it to our baby shower so that's a couple steps in the right direction! We bought a car seat & have our hospital bag packed now since we were so caught off guard last week... guess we're ready for the real thing now!