Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not A Big Secret :D

I'm too excited to keep secrets so I'm just going to go ahead & post everything that's going on :)

Lets start with names:

I think we'll have a baby boy, in which case his name would be James Gavin Snyders :) Steve's middle name is James & he has always wanted to name a son that whereas I have loved the name Gavin for years & thought these 2 names sounded good together :)

We would be equally blessed at receiving a baby girl in which case her name would be Coranna Nevaeh Snyders. Coranna 1st of all because I had a dream after Steve and I were married of a little girl named Coranna calling me mommy & her baby brother was nearby. 2nd because it is like Corilee & Lana in one name :) 2 wierd names of mother & daughter creating an equally wierd, but unique baby name! Nevaeh comes from a baby girl I babysat at JoyHouse in downtown Denver, CO (a place for at-risk moms & their children/ywam outreach) & when spelled backward says 'Heaven'...& certainly babies come from Heaven!


  1. So I LOVE the name of your blog; 'Lana Hott Mama'! So true. I am so happy for you friend. So VERY happy for you!! An answer to prayers!

  2. The funny thing is that's what Jeanette used to call me in ywam... I have no idea why, but it seems to fit now (hehe)