Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 21 - The Mysterious Inner-Workings of My Womb....

So Steve and I went to our 20 week appointment with Dr. Wirtz on my birthday (this past Thursday) & there was some sort of mix up and they didn't have us scheduled for our ultrasound! I was so upset because Steve had taken the day off for my birthday & to see baby and now they were telling us it wasn't going to happen that day! I was really fighting the tears & I think my Dr.'s receptionist felt bad so she called them again and they said someone had cancelled and they could weasel me in yet that day..... *PHEW!*

We then proceeded to the ultrasound area of the building where we filled out paperwork/family history stuff and then went back. We saw our little baby on the screen while she was measuring everything (wasn't very good at explaining what we were looking at unfortunately, guess she was 2 busy), but she kept asking me all these wierd questions like 'so... you aren't having any cramping you said?' & then 'ok you just stay here and the Dr. will be right in' ...I'm thinking, what do I need a Dr. for?? & then I started to panic thinking it might be a male Dr.! I told Steve if a guy walked in that we were leaving... lol. Well it was a girl thankfully, but the first thing she said after introducing herself was 'have you ever heard of a uterine anomoly?' or something like that... I was just like oh great what now? She proceeded to explain that I have 2 cervix & my 'heart-shaped' uterus that I was informed of back in the day is actually more like 2 halves of a uterus with a wall down the middle! Chalk up another birth defect for Lana! She said my one kidney makes sense because kidneys & reproductive organs grow at the same time for babies.

(side note: it is storming like crazy right now! i'm at the office watching the rain..)

Anyways, this Dr. proceeded to explain that this just means the baby doesn't have a whole lot of room to grow so it could have low birth weight, be born early, or become breached & have to be delivered by ceasarean. I guess I can handle that... what I found amusing was how odd Steve & I are and how even more miraculous it is that I'm pregnant right now!!! It was nice to get a few pictures, although only 1 really looked like a baby because I guess 'he' (don't know the gender) was tucked down on my left side & facing my back so it was hard for her to get a good shot of his profile (little stinker)... we told her we were keeping the gender a secret so I don't think she tried too hard to find out, but probably wouldn't have been able to find out anyways cuz he moves like crazy! (cousin Katherine told her mom Ginny that her mom's baby was 'kickboxing' in their ultrasound ...they must be related!)

Having Steve home Monday was really nice (Memorial Day). We visited Grandpa J in the hospital (possible blood clot/difficulty breathing) :( & ate with mom & dad at mcdonalds afterward. It was really nice out so we stopped in Rock Rapids on the way home & wandered around the park & saw a cute baby goat at the little walk-by zoo they have by the pool. I wiped out when we got home cuz I think the sun wore me out... went to bed early (which is a rare occurence indeed)... starting to get uncomfortable & I keep forgetting to stay on my sides. Steve will wake me up if he notices me on my back, guess I'm not supposed to lay like that cuz it restricts blood flow to baby or something. 

They want another ultrasound before i go in for my 24 week appointment to keep a close eye on baby I guess & I might have to do weekly injections of progesterone... yay :P Oh well, whatever helps baby :D ...more later!

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