Friday, July 23, 2010

Name Crisis.... :)

Alright so I really wish I could say that names are 100% set in stone right now for boy or girl..... but we keep changing our minds! We've decided to just write down the names we love & see how we feel once we see our little love in person :D

I've had the name 'Sarah' on my heart a lot lately, but that could just be because God is calling me that = (Sarah was an older woman in the bible who was way past the age of having babies, but God helped her have one anyway!). It's really simple but very pretty - so I'm not opposed to that being the name for our girl if that's what we have.

I think our boy's name is pretty concrete: either James Gavin or James Xavier.... or James Alexander (hehe)... ok so we have the 1st name chosen, still thinking about the middle name :D I just think that names are SO absolutely important... I mean, Jesus is their true identity but even in bible times names were seen as a sort of 'inheritance' in themselves... I love researching name meanings... I want our baby to have a name that means something, but isn't embarrassing or awkward! Able to fit in, but still unique in a way :)

*sigh*  Lord let me know what you think, that'd make this super easy :D

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