Wednesday, September 1, 2010

34 weeks & nervous...

Had a rough afternoon a couple days ago. Was doing some reading on cesarean births and just reading through the details of it made me feel so anxious & concerned I actually started to cry. When Steve got home from work I was sitting on the couch staring at this book with tears streaming... of course he helped me through it, but I just really REALLY did not anticipate the likelihood of a cesarean. I've dreamed of having a baby & being a mother my whole life... surgery wasn't really part of that dream :( I know the health of baby is the most important thing... but the delivery IS still important to me. My greatest fear is probably that they won't allow me to hold our baby immediately after the birth because of some lame hospital protocal... I told Steve we had better bring our own kleenex along so my nose doesn't fall off... Still praying for baby to flip and the doctors to say I can deliver naturally! I have a Dr. appointment and an ultrasound tomorrow morning so we'll see how baby is presenting (please God...)

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