Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Week!

Baby is now at 16 weeks, I have my next appointment tomorrow afternoon to listen for the heartbeat again :) Great-aunts from Arkansas are here this week... it was fun to say hi to everyone and hear them all call me mama & steve daddy, lol! Eithel was so cute... she just kept saying how exciting it was and reminding us of what a miracle this was :'D

This week is already 100% better than last week... a week ago today my precious gelding, Jasper, was put down due to.. what I believe, was heart failure & old age :'( He had just turned 26 on April 11. I'm so thankful for the time I had with him.. he was an amazing old boy & he taught me a lot. I guess the biggest hurt was that I was really hoping for our baby to meet him, but at least I can say baby got a ride on him (while I was pregnant... hehe!). I think having Onyx made it easier.. and having time to say bye of course. I figure the absolutely only redemptive quality in his death will be that I'll have more time for Onyx & in essence, our child this fall... but God I miss him :'(

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