Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*Second Trimester* .... 14 weeks & counting!

Very happy to say we've made it to the second trimester of pregnancy! I'm feeling so much better lately, much to my own & Steve's relief :) Really frustrated that we can't find our camera right now :P really wanted to take a progress photo at 12 weeks, whoops. Well there isn't much to see yet anyways I guess... Had a lot of fun rummaging in Rock Valley this past weekend. Found some cute neutral-colored clothes :) Dr. says we'll be able to have an ultrasound once I'm at 20 weeks... which means we can find out the gender!... which means we better decide if we want to know that yet :D lol! Of course my family really wants to know, and we all know what Amanda is having.... but I don't know, I think it'd be fun to have a surprise. Maybe its one of those things where if you're in doubt, it'd be better to wait? Its been fun to go to babycenter.com and read how baby develops weekly. Here's a photo of what baby kinda looks like right now:

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